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Core Stratagem is an old-school turn-based indie strategy game. Build up your army, explore your world, capture cities, and destroy your enemies! 

1.2 Expansion Released!
Features of the update:
  • New "Deepwater Denizens" Faction! Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... This army of monstrous sea creatures features a unique playstyle, with amphibious units who behave differently on land or sea and must return to water regularly. From swift and stealthy 'Cuda swimmers to spike-launching Scuttlespines to the tentacled, toothy terror called the Deeplord, the Deepwater Denizens are an exciting new addition to the CS roster!

  • New Combat Tooltips! Now you can see a breakdown of the odds when deciding whether to attack! With one of your units selected, just hover the cursor over an enemy in range. You'll see what factors affect the combat roll and a rating of the overall balance of the battle.

  • Improved Faction Balance! A number of balance tweaks to make the many factions of CS match up better. Hover-scouts and Teleporters have increased fuel range. Spearthrowers take a turn longer to produce. Various other tweaks to units' stats and combat bonuses.

  • Random Faction Option! With so many unique factions to choose from, how can you decide? Now, you don't have to! A new "Random" option in the game setup screen chooses a player's faction at random from the available options.
Available on the Download Page!

Includes 1.1 Expansion! 
Features of the update:
  • Constructable buildings! This is the feature you voted for in the Tip Drive. Each faction recieves six buildable structures for specializing and fortifying your cities.

  • New animations! Every unit is now fully animated, whether idling, moving, attacking, or perishing!

  • Improved AI! The AI in CS never "cheats" by gaining godlike knowledge of the map or your units. But thanks to a few tweaks, it's even smarter than before!

  • Better stealth: "bumping" into an enemy stealthed unit will keep it "revealed" until its next turn. 

  • Improved procedural map generation! Islands will be less tightly clumped, making scouting by air and sea even more important!

  • Improved interface! Fading transparency for stealthed units ensures you know who's hiding (if you can see them!) Improvements to the patrol UI, new UI for constructing buildings,more readable fonts on menus, and more!

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