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You can also download the free demo for Windows or Mac OSX (Beta).
Current release version:

Q: What's in the demo vs. the full version?

A: The demo includes all the new features and options of 1.2, along with the new animations, interface improvements, and enhanced AI introduced in the 1.1 update. However, the updates' major additions to the game, the Deepwater Denizens faction and constructable buildings, are available only in the full version. Furthermore, the demo includes only two factions, the Modern Military and Alternate Army, whereas the full version features SEVEN unique factions.

Note: If you own both Windows and Mac machines, we recommend the Windows version first. While CS was written in Java with an eye to cross-platform support, the simple fact is we don't have any Mac machines for testing, and accordingly the Windows version is just more stable. We consider the OSX version to be a Beta release.

In theory, the .jar packaged in the Windows zip file should run on Linux, but we do not officially support it. Feel free to try, though!

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