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  • SEVEN diverse factions with unique playstyles

    • The Modern Military faction sports a traditional unit list with a well-rounded overall roster, and a powerful navy to boot!

    • With Knights, Seige Towers, and more, the Feudal Fantasy army is ready to conquer the land!

    • The Interplanetary Invaders need to resupply the methane gas they breathe, limiting their range, but their air forces and Tripod walkers are devastating!

    • The Alternate Army's slightly quirky forces are specialized: stealth fighter-bombers and sub-hunting choppers, anti-air guns and nuke mines!

    • The Savage Saurians' stealth units and rapid transports allow for powerful sneak attacks!

    • The Wily Wizards can blast foes from afar with their magics, but are vulnerable if the enemy gets past their gargoyle protectors!

    • NEW in version 1.2: The Deepwater Denizens are monstrous sea creatures, emerging from the deeps to conquer the surface! Many of their units are "amphibious," requiring regular returns to water and acting differently based on the terrain they occupy. 

  • NEW in version 1.1: City Expansion Structures!

    • Build up your cities into specialized production centers, defend them from enemy assaults, and strengthen your army!

    • Workshops, Dockyards, and Airfields boost production of specific unit types

    • Academies give newly constructed units an experience boost

    • Each faction receives TWO unique structures: one land-based defense tower, plus another special building all their own!

  • Simple-but-deep strategic gameplay

    • Use the terrain to your advantage! Catch an enemy mired in the wetlands, or hide your units under the cover of forests.

    • Units gain experience in battle, gaining stat boosts and combat bonuses.

    • Capturing enemy cities lets you take control of the unit they were working on. Steal enemy production and turn it against them! 

  • Support for user-created content

    • Data-driven unit and army programming; all you need is an image editor, text editor, and some sound effects, and you can create your own units and add them to the game. The AI is programmed to analyze new units or whole armies and make use of them.

    • Full integrated map editor available at any time!

  • Customize your experience

    • Assign bonuses and handicaps to each player to create your desired challenge

    • Choose from tons of options to make the game play out differently, whether you want a quick and simple match or something more protracted and challenging

  • Robust automation options for micromanagers, armchair generals, and everywhere inbetween

    • Boarding and Landing Beacons tell your transports where to load up, and where to send the assault!

    • Repeatable Build Queues and order pre-sets for new units let you focus on the front lines.

    • If you want, you can fully automate your entire army and just watch!

  • Simple, colorful pixelated art

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