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New in 1.2: detailed combat tooltips break down the odds. The 1.2 Expansion Update brings a seventh faction! The Deepwater Denizens feature unique amphibious units.
Animated: The 1.1 Expansion Update introduces buildable structures, six for each faction. Animated: A brief capture of the action as the Feudal Fantasy army loses ground to a Saurian sneak attack.
Select from tons of options to customize your experience when starting a new game. A three-way free for all between the "low-tech" factions on Island Triad map.
Interplanetary Invaders take on an alliance of two human factions. Endgame on the Riversides map!
Use the Map Editor to create and save your own maps and scenarios. Enjoyed a procedurally generated map? Save it and play it again later! All six factions duke it out on a procedurally generated "dry climate" map.

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